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Welcome to Ba Da Drinks and Dips


A little bit about us. We have been in business since November 2018. We take our business on the road and travel around Texas doing shows and trying our best to get our name out there. We strive for the best customer service and quality products. Take a look around our webpage and try our delicious drinks and dips. 

Food as Community


Food has a special ability to bring people together. I often find this in my own life, and I hope you will find that this online community feels just as welcoming. For me, food big or small can together build the best communities! Happy eating and happy shopping!

The Name


A little backstory behind the name. I grew up in a very large Italian family and always caught myself saying "Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Boom!" So when I opened up my clothing boutique back in 2008 I knew immediately that I wanted to name my store Ba Da Bling. When I took on this business I had to keep the namesake but of course add my own twist, which is how the name Ba Da Drinks and Dips was born. 

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Ba Da Drink and Dips

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